Our vision

Why choose Soly?

At Soly, we make solar energy accessible to anyone who wants to benefit from solar savings today and help build the sustainable world of tomorrow. That is why we are eager to give you advice tailored to your situation, and supply sustainable solar solutions with the highest efficiency. And affordable too!

10 years of experience

We commit ourselves to your future. Together, we work on the solutions that help you save money today and become more sustainable tomorrow. We have been doing this in the same decisive way for 10 years and we will continue to do so in the coming years.

Over 30,000 satisfied customers

Our customers - located in several countries - have one thing in common: they are all satisfied with our fast approach, quality and installation routine. This is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Fully digital approach

Our approach is identical everywhere. Smart, fast and always profitable for you. Your journey at Soly starts online. Remote advice, yet personal. This digital mindset allows us to be faster, more efficient and cost-reducing.


Our local customers' opinions

We can recommend Soly

"My husband and I purchased solar panels from Soly in 2019. So far nothing but positivity. We are pleased with the returns and happy to have switched to renewable energy."
The Netherlands

For us, a new, fresh approach

"When living in Belgium, a lot of things are still very practical with face-to-face contact. With Soly, however, we were able to enjoy solar panels faster because the preliminary process was done online. How nice!"

Our solar carport takes our business to the next level

"Over here at our vacation park we enjoy a beautiful solar carport, where our visitors can easily charge and park their EV. At the same time, the solar carport provides renewable energy for our business. Very happy!"
The Netherlands

Solar panels for our wine farm

"In 2022, solar panels were installed on the roof of our wine farm. Since then, we have suffered less from load-shedding, which is a big thing in South-Africa, and our production process is much more efficient."

A home battery gives us even more freedom

"With our home battery, installed by Soly, we have become even more independent of the traditional energy grid. Exactly what we wanted."
    There are countless ways to contribute in creating a better tomorrow. Everyone chooses the way that suits them best. And maybe your way is: starting a career in sustainability. Within our fast-growing international organization, we are always looking for fellow sun worshippers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and South Africa. Visit the local website of each country below and find a job that suits you.
    Follow the sun
    The solar industry is growing fast. Make sure to follow the latest news and stay informed about new innovations and developments. We will also keep you updated about our latest projects in the countries where we are currently active.

    Erika le Roux Country Manager Soly South Africa
    Soly has appointed the highly experienced Erika le Roux as Country Manager of Soly in South Africa. She will be responsible for the expansion of the business in South Africa.
    Soly expands to German market
    Soly expands to the German market and appoints prominent German entrepreneur Alexander Brunst as country manager.
    Enie.nl changes brand name to Soly
    Enie.nl, the Dutch solar energy provider, changes its name to its international brand name, Soly, as it continues its explosive growth and plans to expand to its fifth country this year.