We want to be climate neutral by 2030

Large numbers of energetic consumers and businesses are stepping up to a sustainable future, together with Soly. This way we broaden our sustainable impact on the world and its environment, creating a better life for millions of people around the globe. However, our far-reaching objectives are bigger than just Soly, they inflict a complete chain of companies. Together with our partners we are aiming towards climate neutral production, transportation and installation. A dream that’s coming closer each day. B-Corp is all about working hard together. It helps us to improve on a daily basis and get the best out of each other. We are keen on our high standards, and our challenges give us the most energy. How about you?


NetZero 2030

With every solar panel, home battery and charging station we install, our consumption of fuel resources decreases. It’s something we don’t overlook. It belongs to the first stage of the process that eventually improves the world and its climate. And it’s the primary reason why we’ve committed ourselves to a NetZero target for 2030, during the Conference of the United Nations in Madrid, 2019. By committing ourselves to this ambitious goal, we are more than willing to show the world that it’s possible to grow as a business without burdening the climate. As a start, 2021 marked the moment we offset our co2 emissions since the establishment of our company back in 2013.

B-Corp movement

That’s a good question to start off. Certified B-Corps use their business as a tool to create a better world. A fair world, where there is no room for wrongdoing. Fellow B-Corps companies for instance are Tony’s Chocolonely, Ben & Jerry and Patagonia, to name a few. We are proud to be part of the B-Corp movement, mostly because of our impact on the world. In addition: becoming a B-Corp isn’t for short terms, it’s a daily ambition that we elaborate on in practice. Yesterday, today and in the future. To call yourself a B-Corp, you must be accountable for all the processes your company is involved in.

What makes a B-Corp?

A company that wishes to be a B-Corp, is always a good start. It’s an ambition to set a goal and route as a business. Every company that wants to call itself B Corp goes through a tough selection test and repeats it every three years. And with each assessment, you’ll receive a new rating. From 99,3 points in 2018 our B-Corp score improved to 110.2 points in 2021. Review our full and Overall B Impact Score.

And we are not sitting back, but moving forward with the same energy. That’s what makes a good B-Corp.

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