Grow together with Soly

Our mission continues to grow

Soly is expanding in various countries. We do not compromise on our mission, which is the same everywhere: making solar energy accessible to everyone. That being said, we enter each country with a unique motivation. Currently we are active in The Netherlands, Belgium, South Africa and – just recently – Germany. Find out more about our local challenges and our solutions to make solar energy ever bigger.

Launching our plans

The Netherlands

The Netherlands

Smart and future-proof solutions

In the Netherlands, we began our mission to make solar energy accessible to everyone. Starting off as in the Frisian capital Leeuwarden, as the parent company used to be called, we have now been operating from Groningen for several years. An idea that arose in the living room, and soon rolled out within the Northern part of the Netherlands, before going nationwide. Currently, we continue to inspire and motivate both households and businesses to make sustainable choices. And by doing so, opting for a beneficial future as well.

Solar energy accessible to all. It is not just a mission, but is at the heart of our organisation. This is why we offer unique and innovative solutions within the solar energy industry. For example, one can opt for renting- or leasing solutions, as a low-barrier alternative to buying. This way, more households and businesses have access to solar as a primary source of energy. This is what sets us apart within the solar market, and why more than 22,000 solar systems have already been installed to complete satisfaction of our customers.

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Crossing borders


South Africa

Multiple solar challenges

After settling on the Dutch market, Soly made the move towards South Africa. Known for it’s beautiful nature and climate, but also a country where you’ll be able to find plenty of challenges around the topic of electricity. One of the major issues in South-Africa concerns load shedding, the other is a strong rise in electricity prices. Both businesses and households suffer directly and indirectly from these issues. Solar energy is a way out and creates a sustainable solution to tackle these kinds of problems. Currently, Soly is primarily supporting companies by helping them switch to solar energy, thus reducing the impact of load shedding and becoming less dependent on the shaky energy grid.

Reaching more businesses, that’s our current goal. Which is why we are now organising local initiatives, informing businesses about the possibilities of solar energy. We call this the Solar Roadshow. With these kinds of Group Buying Schemes, we are making solar energy even more accessible. And in addition, we promote cooperation between businesses at a local level, reducing their dependence on the energy grid.

Visit our website in South Africa and read more about the possibilities: Soly South Africa

Expanding our impact



A growing sustainable market

As a neighbouring country, Belgium was destined to become our next step to make solar energy accessible in multiple countries. As in the Netherlands, the energy transition is in full swing in Belgium. As a result, a large number of households are now opting for sustainable solutions such as solar panels and a home battery. Moreover, the Flemish government encourages sustainable investments by offering additional premiums. Soly, in turn, provides the solutions that enable solar energy to be truly accessible to everyone.

This accelerates the process in which Belgium can solve their sustainable challenges. The increase in sustainable energy from solar in the country has reached a new peak: In 2022, Belgium produced a total of 6,412 gigawatt hours of electricity with solar panels. We are proud to be part of these beautiful developments, which are helping the share of solar energy grow compared to traditional, polluting energy sources that were the standard in Belgium for such a long time. Currently, we focus on the residential market, where households can choose between buying or renting solar panels, whether or not combined with the home battery.

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Solarenergie für alle



Lots of potential in solar energy

Our next exciting move is Germany. A country full of potential, and also a country with plenty of challenges with addition to renewable energy. As you might already know, over the last period Germany re-started the mining for lignite again. A practice that many Germans are not happy with. And it likewise raises the question of whether there is no alternative. Well, there is. And at Soly we are ready to make more Germans enjoy the benefits of green, renewable energy: solar energy. We are currently targeting households to take it to another level and helping them make the move towards solar panels.

Germany is already one of the leading countries in solar energy in Europe. However, there is still a lot of potential, still waiting to be exploited. Combined with our well-known solutions we are determined to harness that potential. There is still so much more to be gained from the power of the sun. Are you ready?

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