Solar Energy Belgium

While being active in The Netherlands, Belgium is just a relatively small step away. The Belgian market has many similarities with the Dutch market, although the country is devided in a Dutch-speaking region (Flanders) and a French-speaking area (Wallonia). Soly’s first move became Flanders, mainly because it’s many similarities to the Dutch market. In 2023, we decided to expand to the Walloon region. We now cover the complete residential market in Belgium.

Our headquarters in Belgium can be found in Antwerp. Here we house both Dutch- and French-speaking colleagues who support households in switching to solar renewable energy.


Our way of making Belgium more sustainable together

Solar panels

Solar panels - Buy

Buying solar panels will make you a full owner of your solar energy system.

Solar panels - lease

No initial costs, and still benefit from solar energy? That's when you lease solar panels.

Home battery

Home battery

Having a surplus of solar energy? No problem, just store it for later use. You will save money too.

Cédric Beeris to lead the Belgian solar revolution
Meet the Belgian team
The longer we operate in Belgium, the more our share grows. And we continue to take steps to make solar energy accessible to all. Meanwhile, Cédric Beeris has been appointed country manager.
Knowledge base
While you are still here: have a look at our knowledge base. It's full of information concerning the benefits and possibilities of solar energy. It's based on the Belgian market. What's there to know in Flanders and Wallonia?

Premie zonnepanelen: waar kom ik nog voor in aanmerking?
Laten we direct met de deur in huis vallen - er is goed nieuws! Ook in 2023 komt u in aanmerking voor een premie op zonnepanelen.
Wat zijn de beste maanden voor zonnepanelen?
Bent u zonnepanelen aan het overwegen, maar twijfelt u over de beste periode om de installatie gereed te maken? Wij vertellen u graag in welke periode u het best zonnepanelen kunt installeren.
Hoeveel CO₂-uitstoot bespaart u met zonnepanelen?
Naast het financiële voordeel is de lagere CO₂-uitstoot ook een goeie reden om zonnepanelen te laten plaatsen. Maar, hoeveel kunt u besparen?
Vacancies at Soly Belgium
Always wanted to work in a sustainable environment? Meet up with the latest vacancies at Soly Belgium. We are always looking for people who want to grow with us.