A pioneer in solar energy

Fossil fuels have brought us a long way – but at what price? It’s time to break new ground. And that’s exactly what we do in Germany. We are breaking ground, making space for a new kind of energy on which we will rely in the future: solar energy. Germany already is a counting pioneer in the solar industry, and it’s only going to get better.

We have opened an office in beautiful Düsseldorf, where our fast-growing team encourages German households to join the solar revolution. And we are far from then. since we entered the market we immediately noticed that Germans are more than open to solar energy. Also in Germany, we continue to work on our global mission: making solar energy accessible to everyone.

Our proposition

Here's how Soly is launching solar energy in Germany

Solar panels

Solar panels - Buy

Start saving from today. Solar panels with a small payback period, while becoming a full owner from day one.

Solar panels - Lease

Skip the initial cost and pay a fixed lease fee per month while still benefiting from solar energy.

Home battery & Wallbox


The Stromspeicher is a German word used for the home battery. Store the excess of solar energy and use it later on.


Electric driving is hot in Germany. With a Wallbox you will be able to charge your EV with solar energy.

Join Germany's solar revolution
We are up and running
Solar energy is the way to go for the future. There was a long in which Germany relied on it's fossile fuels. Now it's time to take the next step. A step toward a sustainable future. Soly commits to a clean and green future with Soly. Let's make it happen.
Knowledge Base
Das wissensbasis. Are you curious about everything that has to do with solar systems? In the German knowledge base you will find more, much more. It's a combination of of product information and German market circumstances. Make sure to check it out.

5 Gründe warum es sich lohnt, in Solarenergie zu investieren
Solarenergie ist eine der effektivsten und nachhaltigsten Energiequellen, die es gibt. Die Investition in Solarenergie hat viele Vorteile.
Was sind die Vorteile von Solarenergie?
Solarenergie ist eine der effizientesten und nachhaltigsten Energiequellen, die es gibt. Eine Solaranlage kann viele Vorteile bringen, sowohl für den Besitzer als auch für die Umwelt.
Kombination von Wärmepumpe und Solaranlagen
Eine Wärmepumpe ist ein Gerät, das Wärme aus der Umgebungsluft, dem Erdreich oder dem Grundwasser aufnimmt und auf ein höheres Temperaturniveau bringt.
Vacancies in Germany
Have you always wanted to work in a sustainable environment? It's possible! Our team in Germany is rapidly growing. Check out our active job openings.