South Africa

Our global mission: solar energy accessible to all.

Our global mission is reaching all the way to South Africa. Since the year of 2019 we are helping both commercial enterprices and residential households making a move towards solar energy. Meanwhile, South Africa is facing some major issues concerning loadshedding. During long periods of the day, no power is available. As a result, businesses and households have none or in any case far less access to power from the grid. This impacts the daily life of South African’s residents. Solar energy is one of those smart solutions to help people get back upon their feet.

Solar panels combined with a home battery will are preparing households and businesses for the future. Energy assurance plays a central role in it. Find out how we are helping South African’s becoming less dependent from the grid.

Our proposition

South Africa going solar together with Soly


Solar panels

Unlock the potential of solar energy and transform your home into a sustainable powerhouse.

Home battery

You can buy a Soly Solar Battery to complement your solar energy system.


Solar panels - Buy

Enjoy business as usual without any disruptions. Buy solar panels.

Solar panels - Lease

Enjoy the full benefits of going solar, hassle-free, with no capital outlay.

A sample of our solar energy work
Solar projects
We have listed some commissioned projects and projects that are in progress. Browse below to learn more about the clients we help and how they benefit from solar energy.
Knowledge base
Want to stay fully informed about the latest developments within (solar) energy, transition, and the South African energy market? We have a wide range of articles that are covering the local solar energy market.

The impact of load shedding on the agriculture sector
The agriculture sector in particular is concerned about the recent plans on the energy price hike. This is due to the substantial increase in energy prices which tops previous increases in prices.
Solar is now the ‘cheapest electricity source in history’
The world’s best solar power schemes now offer the “cheapest…electricity in history” with the technology cheaper than coal and gas in most major countries.
Funding solar panels in South Africa
In South Africa, there are various subsidies available, making the transition to solar panels more attainable. Find out more about it.
Looking for a sunny job in South Africa
We are expanding in South Africa! That means we have some interesting job openings online. Always wanted to work in a sustainable environment? Find out more.