Introducing: Soly Netherlands

Just as our earth revolves around the sun, everything at Soly also revolves around the sun. We are doing everything within our possibilities to make solar energy available to everyone. A leap forward for our earth, with the smartest, most beautiful, most powerful energy source available. But really just back to the source that has provided us with energy for millions of years. Every big change starts small. Will you join us in getting the sun back to 1? It’s possible.

The Netherlands have been our flagship since the start in 2013. That’s right. We have been around for 10 years and are far from finished. In the years to come, we will continue to develop new and efficient solutions that will help households and businesses making sustainable choices.


We provide clean energy from the sun


Solar Panels

Generating energy from the sun.

Home Battery

Storing clean energy, save money.

Charging station

The benefits of charging at home.

Soly Brain

Home Energy Management made easy.


Solar panels

A strong business solution.

Solar Carport

Better use of space in your parking area

Over 30.000 satisfied customers
Solid solutions
We stay on track. Every day we continuously look for the best products and keep a close eye on the production process as well as the transport of our products. That's why we already have more than 30,000 satisfied customers.
Knowledge Base
Soly has grown into an international organisation. This means we do have seperate knowledge bases for all countries in which we operate. In case you want to know more about the developments upon the Dutch market, we kindly direct you to our Dutch knowledge base.

Betalen voor het terugleveren van stroom? Dat hoeft niet bij Soly.
Uit een enquête van Soly met 1.643 respondenten blijkt 9 op de 10 zonnepaneleneigenaren het oneens te zijn met de terugleveringskosten.
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Looking for a job in sustainability?
Soly is always looking for enthusiastic people who are willing to grow with us into a defining and sustainable company. Take a look at our vacancies over in The Netherlands.