Why choose Soly?

Our approach for sustainable solutions is faster and more efficient. Important, because both customers and businesses benefit from a smooth and transparent process. This is why we prefer to let you take the first steps online, with realtime information and smart solutions tailored to your personal demand. Of course, at a certain point you would want personal contact, and we are more than happy to provide. Discover our approach: from orientation to installation. A smooth and modern-day transition.

Start-off online

With all the tools at your fingertips

It’s a major part of our approach. Every country, or even a single region, has its own customs. This might mean that you are used to having someone come by from the first step. A salesperson that will assist you with a sharp story. However, this does not necessarily mean that you will go into business with business A or B. It is often time consuming and you pay for the service, without the assurance of a good deal. There is an alternative. A quick and smooth alternative online. We provide you with all the metrics and information you’ll need to make a considered choice.

Interested? Let’s take it to the next level

Once you are interested in one of our solutions – whether it’s solar panels, the home battery or a charging station – we are more than happy to assist you and take it one step further. Our customer advisors are ready to advise you about our options. At this stage, it’s still with no obligation. During our first personal contact, we are able to provide you with digital insights into the possibilities at your address. We match customer demand with our offerings, to achieve a customized solution. Final step? A personal offer ‘in black and white’.

Upon agreement
We set everything in motion

Have you found the desired solution that matches your own sustainable aspirations? Let’s get started! We set everything in motion to ensure that your products are ready for installation as quickly as possible. That way, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the sustainable benefits in the short term. Building up to the installation, we keep you posted on the progress of your order, and during the installation you’ll be in contact with your regular personal advisor. They will guide you before, during and after installation.


Don’t miss out, find it online!

At Soly we would like to make sure you are fully satisfied, which means we stay with you, even after the installation is complete. You profit from a full range of guarantees. Meanwhile our support and service is always nearby. And even if you just want some basic information, you’ll be able to find it online at Soly. Looking to upgrade on your current installation? Find out all of our customized solutions that will help you get the most out of the sun. We are aiming towards an all-inclusive installation to make you less dependent or even independent of the energy grid.

Soly is physically located in your region, with professional teams for service, installation and customer support. This way you are certain of the service you desire.

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