Sunny products that help you become more sustainable

We are ready for a sustainable future, are you? To ensure that we all make the right choice, we carefully select our partners and manufacturers. They are the first link on the way to a green future. Each product - as well as the manufacturer - has its unique characteristics and advantages. This way, we match the customer's desire with the applications of each product. Products that'll make the promise of the sun reality, and let you benefit from solid quality.

Meet our partners

Solar panels

Solar panels are the visible component of each solar system. The product itself captures sunlight and converts it into solar energy. We have two very reliable partners in solar panels: Jinko Solar and Trina Solar. Learn more about our partners.

Solar panels
Jinko Solar

We install solar panels from the leader of innovation in the solar energy market: Jinko Solar. Since the company was founded – back in 1997 – it is considered a true solar energy pioneer. With solar panels from Jinko Solar you are guaranteed the highest return-on-investment for your roof. Also for the long term: with a 25-year power warranty, these solar panels will still provide you with energy in 2048. Now that’s smart investing.

Solar panels
Trina Solar

We are also opting for the solar panels of Trina Solar. This company was founded in 1997 and became one of the first PV enterprises from China. As for today, it’s one of the world leaders in technology and manufacturing. The company has a lot of experience and the ratings are still at a very high level. We at Soly are having a very close relationship with our manufacturer. And in practice, those short lines mean faster delivery and installation of your solar system.


Heart of the system. Without the use of inverters, the solar energy from your solar panels would be worthless. Inverters make sure the solar energy derived from the sun, are transmitted to useable energy for households and companies. We have several partners supporting us in the supply of inverters.

Growatt inverters

We make use of Growatt inverters for the so-called daisy-chained solar installations. These are the type of installations in which there are no limitations for sunlight to shine upon the solar system, which in turn means each solar panel makes an evenly big contribution to the revenue in total.

Dimensions: 27,1 x 26,7 x 14,2 cm
Weight: 8,8 kg
Number of dB: Silent (≤ 25dB) because there is no mechanical cooling (natural cooling through convection)
Production warranty: 10 years

Enphase micro-inverter

For a solar system connected in parallel we often use the powerfull micro-inverters from Enphase. Within this type of connection, each solar panel functions by itself, which means you want to get the most power out of each panel. The micro-inverters from Enphase guarantee just that.

Dimensions: 21,2 x 17,5 mm x 3,2 cm
Weight: 1,08 kg
Number of dB: Silent (≤ 25dB) because there is no mechanical cooling (natural cooling through convection)
Production warranty: 25 jaar

Sungrow inverter

The Sungrow inverters are likewise very popular. They are suitable for multiple types of systems and are characterized by high efficiency. Also worth noticing, it that Sungrow is The World’s Most Bankable Inverter Brand. A sustainable and well-known manufacturer for inverters. Whenever we use the Sungrow inverters, we always base the choice of an inverter on the size of the system. This is why we can’t share direct data. However, we will share this information prior to the installation.

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