Battery storage

Do you already have solar panels on the roof, and want to connect them to a home battery? Good job! You are on the right track in the run-up to an all-encompassing system. A system where the power of the sun provides enough energy to make you fully independent from the traditional grid. And we are glad to help you. What is it about the home battery that’s gonna get our energy usage at home to a whole new level?

Product information

What is the home battery?

With the home battery, you are able to temporarily store excess solar energy – generated by your solar panels – for later use. These are typically moments when it’s cloudy or dark outside, or on peak moments when you consume more energy than your solar panels generate. A home battery is most valuable when used in conjunction with solar panels, Smart Home solutions and/or a charging station. This will create an inclusive system in which several sustainable solutions are connected and mutually reinforcing.

The size of a home battery varies depending on the storage capacity, as well as the manufacturer. A small home battery is the size of a shoe box, while larger home batteries are roughly double.

We are expanding our battery network

Making the home battery for solar panels available globally. We sorely believe the home battery is the next big thing, helping both households and businesses to thrive on solar energy. With a home battery you’ll become less dependent, or with a bit of luck fully independent from the grid as you used to know it. It will help you save a lot of money, surely in times where the volatility of energy is high. We are working hard to make the home battery available in all the countries where we are now operating.

Storing solar power with a home battery

With a home battery, you roughly double the consumption of your own solar energy. On the other hand, you will be less dependent on the regular energy grid, which will save you a lot of money in the first place. You can kill two birds with one stone. It will diminish the dependency on energy companies and reduce the risk of overloading the grid. The home battery for solar panels is modular and could be expanded later on, allowing you to store more energy along the way.

A sustainable solution

The benefits of a home battery

Temporarily storing solar energy to use it at a later stage. It is still pretty much in its infancy, but we truly believe that it's going to help a lot of households and businesses. The home battery is all about efficiency.

Home Energy Management

Control all appliances inside your home from one system. That is convenience in every aspect. And at Soly, we're going to make it possible. The home battery is just another step towards a definitive Home Energy Management solution.

Push your effective use of solar energy

As long as you use energy from the sun, you won't need energy from the grid. And that is exactly what we want to achieve with the home battery. Save even more on your energy costs by storing your energy at home.

Making a contribution to tomorrow's world

A sustainable way of life. It is not only good for yourself, but also for the world we want to pass on to future generations. Home batteries prepare us for tomorrow's energy supply.

Stay tuned with Soly
We are working hard towards our goals and ambition: making solar energy the number one energy supplier on a global scale. Stay tuned with Soly and discover our smart solutions.