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The energy genius of your household

Who could have ever imagined 50 years ago that it will soon be possible for everyone to control energy management from just one device? Well, here we are. Soly is about to make Home Energy Management available to everyone. We are doing that with the Soly Brain. A revolutionary device that will radically change our household for decades to come.

Full insight into your energy household
Maximum optimisation and personalisation
Save a lot of money on energy costs
Combine Soly Brain® with Soly Energy
Soly Brain®
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An energy management system, also known as Home Energy Management (HEM), is an advanced energy system designed to monitor, manage and optimise a home’s energy consumption. It enables households to accurately measure their energy consumption, understand their energy patterns and take energy-saving measures. It also allows households to automatically control the inverter, home battery and charging station to improve energy efficiency.

Soly is in the process of developing this system at full scale and, moreover, plan to make the Soly Brain®  available in all our active countries in the foreseeable future.

How does the Soly Brain® function at home?
The Soly Brain® is an energy management system that connects all energy flows in a household with an intelligent system. Based on your consumption behaviour and smart algorithms, it then optimises your energy consumption. This way, you can start using up to 10% more of your own solar power and save on your energy bill. Take a look.

Get the most out of your generated power
Thanks to Soly Brain®, you have more control over your energy consumption. You link all your energy consumers into one system, which you can monitor and optimise and save on your energy costs. All this while contributing to the relief of the energy grid and a better world.

What to expect
The Soly Brain® is expected to be standard equipment from Q4 of 2023 in the following cases: buy or rent solar panels, purchase home battery, switch Soly dynamic energy. It’s here, and we are ready! Are you with us?

Home Energy Management
Within one application

Controlling your household with several applications is already possible, but still a hard bite. Moreover, it is difficult to get a clear insight into your energy flows and savings. But the Soly Brain® and accompanying Soly app connect all your sustainable devices, such as solar panels, home battery and charging station. It also allows you to track the energy consumption of your other (smart) devices. This gives you insight into your entire energy household. Research by Netbeheer Nederland has shown that with live insight, you can save an average of 6.4% on your power consumption.

Knowledge base
Soly and its customer base are growing. Therefore, it is important to share our key information on the solar market here. Of course, everything is based on the countries in which we currently operate. Find out more.

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