Electricity price without margins

Why dynamic energy from Soly?

In general, the price you pay with a fixed energy contract is often higher than the purchase price, because energy companies work with a 'safety margin'. That way, when prices rise, they still make a profit, but as a consumer, you pay for this. This is not the case with dynamic contracts, which only charge a small fixed surcharge. This fixed surcharge is communicated in advance, so you will never be surprised during the term of the dynamic contract. Incidentally, a dynamic energy contract with Soly can always be terminated monthly.

Soly Energy

Dynamic energy contract especially for solar panel owners

Already more than 2 million households in the Netherlands have solar panels. We should be really proud of this! But often they cannot benefit from cheap or negative energy prices, because at those times they produce their own energy. We have found a solution for that: the Soly Brain. This smart energy management system automatically switches off your solar panels when the power price is low or negative. Interested in a dynamic energy contract?

Smart match with home battery and charging station
Do you also have a Soly home battery or charging station? Then the Soly Brain will also control these devices so that at convenient times, the home battery and electric car are also fully charged. So smart energy from Soly combined with the Soly Brain provides an extra revenue model while actively relieving the energy grid. Thanks to a dynamic energy contract and negative power prices, you can smartly earn a lot of money.

Soly Brain & Soly Energy

In the years to come, the number of times when there are negative electricity prices is going to grow significantly. That means you will be even more profitable thanks to Soly Energy. Do you always want to feed power back under the most favourable conditions? Then combine Soly Energy with the Soly Brain. At times when feed-in is ‘expensive’, we automatically switch off the system. That way, in practice, you never pay for the energy you feed back into the grid, and you don’t have to do anything yourself; we take care of it for you! A reassuring feeling.

Knowledge base
Soly and its customer base are growing. Therefore, it is important to share our key information on the solar market here. Of course, everything is based on the countries in which we currently operate. Find out more.

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